How Do I Start?

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22 days of art journaling, step by step. The original prompts are a great place to start. Work along day by day or take your time, it's your journey, so it's up to you.

What is Soul JournalingSM?

Soul JournalingSM is prompt-based, mixed-media, visual journaling, or art journaling.  A visual journal is typically a mix of words and images, and mixed-media means that anything goes!  We will use acrylic paint, pencil, markers, watercolor, found objects, collage and much more as a way of expressing ourselves and releasing our creativity in our journals.  And Soul JournalingSM is prompt based, which means that even if you are a beginner and new to the art world, you can easily participate with a series of instructions and ideas to get you started.  All skill levels are welcome. Some of our best work is by our newest artists!

How did this all get started?

In the summer of 2008, mixed-media artist and instructor Sarah Whitmire published a series of 22 days of mixed-media and written journaling prompts on her blog, inviting anyone who read along to join in the fun.  "I want these books to be a mess of words, color, collage, etc.  I want you to be able to be totally free with these and use them to express anything you wish."  The response to this project was enormous and Soul JournalingSM was born.

Who is Soul JouranlingSM best suited to...who is it for?

This site is for anyone who is interested in art journaling, whether you have just bought (or made) your first journal, are just starting the first prompts, are taking the Advanced Techniques Workshops, or anywhere in between.  Maybe you are a seasoned artist looking for a place to explore new mediums, or a writer who wants to expand into art. Maybe you've always wanted to draw and paint but thought you couldn't, or shouldn't. Soul JournalingSM is for you! It's fun, it's easy, and it's stress-free! There are no mistakes, and we help you all the way through from picking a journal to getting your first paint on the page, to the finished products. is a resource for the growing community of Soul Journalers and we welcome you to it!  Enjoy!

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