Soul JournalingSM: Outside the Book - Prayer Flags

22 page .pdf, 48 minute video, Now only $13.50!

Soul JournalingSM: Outside the Book is a new series of workshops designed to use the techniques you have already learned (along with new techniques taught in the classes) to push your journaling beyond the confines of the printed page. In Outside the Book - Prayer Flags you will learn to make a banner from muslin that will set free the creative journaler within as well as create a beautiful piece of art to hang in your studio or home.

This class includes a work-at-your-own-pace 22 page printable pdf, online support from me, private yahoo group membership, class discussion and photo sharing AND a 48 minute bonus VIDEO where I show you how to make an alternative animal banner!! In this video, you will see me draw my owl from start to finish. This is a great behind the scenes look at one of my favorite drawing styles! :) Your $45 includes everything at once. No waiting! :) No start or end date so everything is strictly work at your own pace. Once I receive your payment verification email from PayPal I will send you an invite to join our private yahoo group. (Usually within 24 hours.)


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