Here are the ORIGINAL 22 days of Soul JournalingSM. (Newer prompts below.)  Enjoy!  And remember, it's never too late to start!  Feel free to post questions or comments to the prompt page, or to email me directly any time.  I would love to hear from you :)

Claiming Your Journal
Day 1    Day 2

Building Your Soul Armor
Day 3    Day 4    Day 5

Day 5    Day 6    Day 9

Taped Pages
Day 7    Day 8

My House
Day 10    Day 11    Day 12

Paper Dolls
Day 13    Day 14    Day 15

Collage Potpourri #1
Day 16

Collage Potpourri #2
Day 17     Day 19

Collage Potpourri #3
Day 18    Day 19

Day 20    Day 21

Day 21    Day 22

Day 22

Scavenger Hunt
Bonus Prompt >>

Easy Backgrounds Part 1
Bonus Prompt >>

Hooked yet?  I will be releasing new prompts as often as I can, so check back soon.

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